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Reiki is a healing art of Japanese origin in which the healer's hands deliver energy that is guided by a higher source with wisdom, love and peace. This nurturing supply if energy helps to stabilize and balance the body's systems thus resorting health and vitality. The word "Rei" means universal life, and "Ki" means energy. It is a subtle, gentle and effective form of energy work using higher power guided life force energy.

Stresses from daily life, illness and trauma cause the body to move away from wholeness resulting in energy imbalances and destabilization of the body. Reiki is the practice of delivering healing energy to the clients unbalanced and depleted cells and systems of the body. This energy re-adjusts the frequency back to a healthy range. It improves the function of the cells and organs, improves mood, decreases pain, and enhances the interventions already in place to restore health.

Reiki can do no harm and always works for the positive benefit of the client. It is usually a hands on intervention in which the client stays clothed. There is nothing the client has to do but relax and receive the healing energy. Afterwards, clients usually report a felling of profound relaxation, well being, less pain and anxiety.

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