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newind2The PulstarFRAS is an essential part of the Eagle Creek Wellness Center repertoire.   From all sides it gives a continual improvement and cutting edge technology to the chiropractic profession.  The research and the testimonials of this technology show it as a great addition to our clinic.

Chiropractic patients now have the ability to see the malfunction in their spine on a per adjustment basis.  Furthermore the patient can see the change from the first adjustment to the last adjustment and have a printout to show others.  The PulstarFRAS also gives the patient the option of being adjusted with a percussive force.  No cracking.  No uncomfortable positions to be placed into.  For very compromised or brittle spines it is an invaluable tool.  Also for spines that are so locked into place that no other technique shows the same advancement in the correction of the spine.

It gives the doctor further diagnostic capability and storage to be used to denote medical necessity to insurance companies and injury ratings on a per adjustment basis.  The option of manual and computerized adjustment provides all people with the way to be adjusted that works best for them.  Dr. Genrick has the utmost confidence in all techniques of adjusting the spine.  This just gives more options and leaves no one out of the best health care in the world!

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