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laser Eagle Creek Wellness Center has added the Erchonia low level (cold) laser to its extensive technology based practice. The laser is the same one that is used on Lance Armstrong, Tiger Woods, and on many other professional athletes. It is effective in not only pain management, but improves rehabilitation rates by 60% in a long list of other ailments.

That list includes: rotator cuff and shoulder problems, tendonitis, tendonosis, bursitis, lumbar and cervical radiculopathy, TMJ, repetitive strain injuries, headache, strains and sprains, hematoma, scar tissue, lymphedema, wounds, burn, fractures, arthropathies and neuromuscular dysfuction, carpal tunnel, and painful arthritic joints.

Please go to the Erchonia website at for the research and detailed explanation of how the laser works. In simple terms the laser goes to the cellular level to activate the powerhouse (mitochondrion) of the cell and stimulates it to produce more energy (ATP). It is like flipping on a light switch for the cell to get it to produce as close to full potential as possible.

The addition of the laser to treatment plans has shown quicker rehab times, stronger bodies, and more flexibility. We have had more than one ìmiracleî with this piece of equipment.

The laser is extremely effective with rotator cuff rehabilitation and carpal tunnel like symptoms. The patient can see the effectiveness in the first treatment!

This treatment is so amazing we will show you the laser and what it can do at NO CHARGE to you the first time we use it.
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