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Acupuncture has shown to help with:
  • Nausea brought on by chemotherapy (proven and recognized by insurance)
  • Reduce heat symptoms  (hot flashes, flushed face, and sweating) due to chemotherapy
  • Boost the immune system by helping the body re-build white blood cells after chemo treatment
  • Improve digestion and reduce acid reflux
  • Reduce the effects of stress on the body.  Help the body to manage the stress of the treatment and life stress.
  • Improve sleep (whether getting to sleep or staying asleep)
  • Reduce headaches, light headedness, body aches and pains
The optimal treatment would be the day after your chemotherapy session.  One more treatment per week would be beneficial depending on the frequency of the chemotherapy treatments. All treatments will be mutually agreed upon and completely based on individual symptoms.

Our Mission...

Eagle Creek is Multi-disciplinary clinic encompassing acupuncture, chiropractic, Physical therapy, and massage dedicating individualized patient care to quickly relieve pain and educate patients the ability to obtain healthy lifestyles. 

Due to our excellent customer service, cutting edge technology, and caring atmosphere we are primarily a referral based practice where patients and the medical community feel comfortable sending family, friends, and even acquaintances to our practice.

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